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The growth of digitalization for pre-employment screening checks

on Mon, 15/03/2021 – 13:13
screening checks


The world of technology has seen a remarkable development over the last decade. Emails have replaced letters, Facebook is the new social, Ubers are the cabs, etc. A lot of advancement has been the result of digitalization of things. With this being done, pre-employment and reference checks have also become very digital, making it convenient for employers to carry out the necessary information in order to verify the credibility of their candidates.


Did you know that 75% of CV applications contains inaccurate information? Pre-employment screening checks are gaining more and more popularity among the recruiters. However, these checks are sensitive to candidates’ personal data and information. One little error can invalidate all of the results. This is why, a professional service specializing in these background and pre-employment screening checks is just what you need as your outsourced partners to secure your company from any future risks.

the analysis of pre-employment screening checks

Companies usually are involved in multiple tasks, where completing pre-employment screening checks is a task often overlooked, but utterly necessary. Moreover, maintaining an error-free process is not always manually possible. Companies that do background checks for employers use software that ensure a streamlined process. Using a third party to carry out these checks is going to eliminate the risk of unconscious bias or any discriminatory dilemma. We are happy to own the fact that giant is the UK’s fastest growing screening company. As the times are challenging and almost everything is done online, you as employers need a tailor-made screening solution now more than ever.

Everything is completed online and the support we provide your company is compliant and transparent. Employers need to understand that the pre-employment screening checks eliminate the risks of a bad hire. It is important that you see these checks as an investment in your candidates’ future as well as the company’s. As one of the industry’s leading company for over thirty years now, we realize that an exceptional service is a blend of human expertise and technology. Proficient human level of input is essential to get the technological need right. At giant, we are here to provide you with our fully managed screening solution made to fit your company needs.