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are you ghosting your candidates?

on Thu, 27/08/2020 – 10:01

Ghosting is a term that refers to job applicants who are not contacted after they have interviewed for a job. Candidates are often patiently waiting to find out if they have, or have not, been successful for the role so when a hirer does not follow up, it doesn’t leave a great impression.

In this current climate it is already stressful enough for candidates to go through this process without having the added pressure of waiting for feedback from the hirer which may never come! A recent survey of 2,564 people on LinkedIn showed that this had happened to 97% of candidates.

why is ghosting happening more?

A phrase we’re all tired of hearing is ‘unprecedented times’, but sadly that is currently the case for the recruitment industry, making life particularly difficult for employers to manage the potential applicant volumes. With unemployment rising beyond 3 million (and possibly up to 6 million) there could be hundreds of candidates, not all qualified, applying for every job you advertise. There are many examples of this such as the firm in Manchester that advertised for a receptionist recently and received 1,000 applicants in 24 hours!

The volume of applications for any advertised role is likely to swamp most organisations which can damage a company’s reputation if not dealt with correctly. The administrative effort will be much greater than normal and gaps in processes are identified quickly when put under pressure. It can be argued that it is impossible to respond to everyone: do you think your current processes could efficiently deal with a flood of applications?

what can be done

There is an easy solution to this new dilemma we’re all facing and pro-active employers are already benefiting from this. Smart technology such as talent pools help take control of your recruitment proccesses which will help group & automate interactions with all candidates meaning no candidate will ever be ghosted.

Your talent pool is a place where internal recruiters, HR Managers and preferred agency suppliers can store candidates for current and future opportunities. Using a talent pool often means you can reply to candidates in bulk saving you time and ensuring you are not ghosting your candidates. Having an efficient way to communicate with your database of candidates means you can maintain a quality relationship, potentially making hiring in the future even easier.

how it works

To work effectively, a talent pool needs functionality to enhance your brand, provide a positive experience for participants and to minimise the administration involved for your team. You should be able to advertise opportunities via your own branded portal and linked through to other job sites with facilities for candidates to register their interest, and maintain their record. The talent pool should manage all acknowledgements and manage workflows with regular communication with candidates and agency contributors.

As job opportunities arise, your first port of call will be to the talent pool to check for previous applicants, without even needing to advertise. A good system will have all the information you need to be able to define shortlists and progress applications. For those applicants who have applied for roles but have not been offered the job, our system allows you to bulk send emails out so nobody needs to be ghosted!

Building effective on-going talent pools can make the dfference in achieving your business outcomes by finding the right resource at the right cost to deliver them. This is particularly true if the activities later in the process are connected as part of a coherent and effective process.

Talk to us today to discuss how you can get ahead of this increasing problem.