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Whose gig is it anyway? - a webinar

on Mon, 12/07/2021 – 12:46
giant & OC webinar 14th July

A look at legal compliance of platforms – which will survive (and be investible) and which won't?

Join us on time & date : 14th July 2021 @ 13:00

  • Review the regulatory framework that these platforms are subject to, including the Employment Agencies Act and consequences of non-compliance;
  • Discuss how recent case law (including the Supreme Court Uber decision regarding worker status) affects worker engagement by these platforms;
  • Look at platform models which facilitate payments to workers; whether they require FCA authorisation and consequences of operating without authorisation;
  • Consider different worker engagement models, workplace tax status and IR35;
  • Look at how umbrella and PEO companies are working with some platforms to provide payroll and tax compliance;
  • Provide a summary of the key legal risk issues to be considered when operating, developing, investing in or acquiring a people service platform business.

If you will not be able to join us on the day or miss the webinar by any means, please send an email to who will send you the recording.