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managed services for your contingent workforce

on Wed, 10/06/2020 – 10:09
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During the current crisis, many businesses are using the time to review the ways in which they engage with their workers to see if there is an opportunity for cost savings.

We think the use of temporary staff will be integral to helping businesses get back to normal trading levels, whatever ‘normal’ may be.

However, working with temporary staff is becoming increasingly complex and the impending IR35 legislation changes increase the compliance risk to you as a business as well as potential cost. These changes are due next April and any strategy for managing temporary staff will have to take the implications into account

Now would seem to be the ideal time for a thorough review of how you acquire, engage and manage off-payroll resources.

helping you prepare

Here is a list of considerations we think will help you prepare:

• flexibility to manage multiple types of engagement (inside / outside IR35, PAYE, direct / indirect engagement)

• complexity and administration overhead in having to manage workers hired in different ways from multiple providers

• financial viability of all supply chain partners

• you’ll need full visibility of the supply chain to ensure compliance

• assess your workers status on an ongoing basis

• cost implications of IR35 changes and deciding the optimum approach

The complexity, risk and cost (both of the administration and the resource itself) can all be addressed with the help of a proven and reputable workforce management specialist, such as giant.

delivering your required outcomes

The key elements to deliver the required outcomes are:

• working with an expert partner on the optional ways to engage workers and to provide support in deciding the ideal mix for you.

• guaranteed supply chain visibility

• a ‘one-stop-shop’ partner to provide a single point of contact to manage the whole process

• an engagement choice for workers to maximise the size of the available talent pool

• real time management information to facilitate on-going informed decision making

• state of the art, first class software to deliver a smooth and fit-for-purpose process

• simplified administration with just 2 fully reconciled invoices to pay per month

• all supply chain risk passed to a trusted partner

At giant, we are ideally placed to deliver all of the above – call us today to arrange a discussion about your key requirements as you plan for the workforce management model of the future.