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We know the employment landscape is ever changing, so at giant precision we aim to become experts in matters that may affect your business.
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with just 20 or more contractors

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IR35 off-payroll working legislation 

In this whitepaper we discuss what are the primary IR35 factors when whether contractors are inside or outside IR35

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IR35 off-payroll working legislation - how has it affected hirers and their risk profile

The whitepaper revolves around how the IR35 Off-payroll working legislation affected hirers and their risk profile

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supply chain risk

We throw light on the different risks associated with supply chain, and how considering to go for an MSP may help hirers


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the battle for contractor talent & how to win

In this whitepaper we discuss how hirers can differentiate their proposition to contractors to attract and retain top talent.


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ways to engage your contractors

In this whitepaper we discuss the main engagement options for contractors and the resulting benefits for you and the contractors.



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IR35 behaviours

Read how the market reacted since off payroll working IR35 reforms impacted the private sector and how the risk has now been shifted to hirer to determine worker’s IR35 status.


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managing 20+ contractors effectively

This whitepaper discusses how partnering with the right MSP can help you benefit from a comprehensive solution.

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reporting to reduce spend and risk

A look at areas that enable you to control your contractor workforce & make appropriate decisions.


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